The Passion Behind ALTA

Our trusted process comes from 20 years of experience and the ability to create forward-thinking work strategies. Rooted in our expertise and the latest research, we develop innovative yet dependable approaches. We uphold the highest standards of compliance with key environmental and historic preservation laws and are conscious of every step we recommend to our clients. With each project, we strive to set a standard for the industry. When you choose to work with ALTA, you are choosing reliable outcomes and effective solutions.

The Team

Risa DeGeorgey, MA, RPA

Founder / Primary Owner

Alex DeGeorgey, MA, RPA

Co-Founder / Team Lead

Samantha L. Beck M.S.

Senior Archaeologist / Human Osteologist

Sarah Lyne King-Narasimha, M. Phil

Senior Archaeologist / Geoarchaeologist

Jamie Frattarelli, MA, RPA

Senior Archaeologist / Remote Sensing Specialist / Geographic Information Systems

Heather Warner, BA


Jessica Borges, BA


Abi Bennett, MA, RPA

Senior Archaeologist / Human Osteologist

Kyle Palazzolo, MA, RPA

Senior Archaeologist / Field Director

Melanie S. Radtkey, MA, RPA

Project Manager / Historic Archaeologist

Nicholas Radtkey, MA, RPA

Historic Archaeologist / Architectural Historian

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